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The introduction of Vicious, and the first episode that delves into Spike's past! This is a simply incredible episode! Faye is kidnapped, and Spike goes in to save her. It turns out that the man who has Faye is Vicious, a guy Spike knows very well from his past. The appearance of Vicious has opened many dark memories for Spike. We finally get a glimpse into his past, but nothing is really revealed. There is a big showdown in a cathedral between Vicious and Spike (katana vs. gun!) that is absolutely breathtaking, followed by one of my favorite scenes in the series, Spike's FALL to the tune of 'Green Bird' from Bebop OST 2. Do NOT miss this episode!

Session 5 Eyecatch: 

Notable Music Used in the Episode:

  • Green Bird (OST 2, Track 11)
  • Rain (demo version) (Future Blues, Track 18)