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Spike and Jet are on Ganymede after a bounty when they encounter the Space Warriors, an eco-terrorist group who oppose the local harvesting of Sea Rats. Their leader, Twinkle Maria Murdock, has a huge bounty on her head, which draws the attention of the Bebop Crew. They actually manage to capture her, but before they can cash on on the huge bounty, they discover it has been dropped by the ISSP. The ISSP, a space police group that Jet used to belong to, are in the middle of negotiating with Murdock's group, the Space Warriors. The terrorists threaten to release a deadly virus on Ganymede.

Meanwhile, Faye, who had previously escaped the Bebop ship with some stolen money, runs into some trouble, and actually ends up with her hands on the case containing the virus before she is stranded and rescued by the Bebop, who promptly lock her up again. Without a posted bounty, Spike is forced to release Murdock, but keeps an eye on the virus situation, and as soon as the bounty is reposted, he makes another attempt at capture. A space battle breaks out as they try to stop the virus-laden missles launched by the Space Warriors from hitting Ganymede, and to recapture Murdock. Unfortunately, things don't go their way yet again, but the episode ends with Faye officially joining the crew of the Bebop in return for a cut of their rewards.

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Notable Music Used in the Episode:

  • Too Good Too Bad (OST 1, Track 11)
  • The Egg and YOU (OST 2, Track 16)