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The introduction of Faye Valentine! Faye Valentine, a woman so skilled at cardes she is also known as Poker Alice, is recruited by the owner of a space casino to work a card table when an illegal exchange is to go down. Actually, Faye is forced to help. Due to past circumstances Faye has a MASSIVE debt hanging over her head and she needs the money to help pay it off. This job is just one more debt to resolving her dilemma. A man with a poker chip containing a special chip will exchange it with Faye at the gaming table. But things go wrong when Spike and Jet arrive at the casino on a mission of their own and the chip gets lost. Faye encounters our bounty-hunting duo, and ends up becoming closely acquainted with the bathroom on the Bebop! (don't ask :)

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Notable Music Used in the Episode:

  • Spy (Vitaminless, Track 5)
  • Piano Black (OST 1, Track 9)