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The introduction of Ein! In this episode, Spike is after a bounty named Abdul Hakim. Hakim is a slippery character who uses plastic surgery to change his looks and evade capture. But Spike knows she he looks like, and tracks the guy down to Mars. On Mars, Hakim is seen handling a mysterious briefcase, which he manages to have stolen. With Spike after Hakim and Hakim after his briefcase, we end up discovering that the case contains one very cute Welsh corgi, who is not happy to be there and promptly runs away. A big chase ensues as everyone is after the dog.

Not only is Hakim interested in Ein, but a group of scientists is also after him. Spike and Jet manage to capture Ein before Hakim does, and then try to use the dog as bait to lure Hakim. Unfortunately, the plan backfires, another chase ensues, and the result is that Hakim and the scientists are captured by authorities, so no bounty for the Bebop crew. They get to keep Ein though.

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Notable Music Used in the Episode:

  • Want it all Back (OST 2, Track 7)
  • Bad Dog No Biscuits (OST 1, Track 4)