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An absolutely hilarous episode! Really one of my favorites! The crew of the Bebop are hungry. REALLY hungry. There is no food left on the ship (not even for Ein), and everyone is ready to pass out from hunger. The Bebop is sideswiped by a fleeing spaceship. They decide to land on the planet below to make repairs, and Edward takes it upon herself to find some food. Her explorations lead to her encountering a running fugitive (hey, if we capture him we will be able to buy food!) to the discovery of some rather potent mushrooms! Ed feeds one of the mushrooms to Ein and watches with interest as the dog starts acting funny. She then decides to test the effect of the 'shrooms on Spike, Jet, and Faye! (oh how evil of you Ed :) It's great to see how they react when under the mushroom high ^_^ Ed is smart enough not to try the stuff herself, and continues her quest for food. This episode is filled with humor, freaky hallucinations, and a great chase scene!

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Notable Music Used in the Episode:

  • Chicken Bone (OST 3, Track 6)
  • You Make Me Cool (OST 2, Track 9)
  • Mushroom Hunting (OST 3, Track 4)