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An episode about Faye's past! Things are slow on the Bebop one day, and Faye finds herself reminiscing about a person in her past. It has been mentioned before thet Faye is a lot older than she looks. Well she really is! It is all because she was cryogenically frozen for 50 years and was only revived 3 years ago. Faye woke up from her long sleep with no memories of who she is, but she does remember what happened after she woke up - her confusion over what happened, disorientation over how strange the futuristic world is, and her meeting with a man named Whitney. He approached her as a lawyer and became her friend. He taught her about the world of the future until she was confident enough not to freak out over every little thing. Faye felt very strongly for him, but he had a secret that changed her life. Now he is back in her life once again....

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  • Flying Teapot (OST 3, Track 13)