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First Episode! We are introduced to the 'Bebop' a ship owned by by a space bounty hunter named Jet Black. Working with Jet is his partner, a poofy-haired lanky martial artist with a dark past named Spike Spiegel. Together they race across the galaxy, always after the next pile of reward money.

In this episode Spike and Jet arrive on Mars in search of a man named Asimov who allegedly stole a very expensive drug called 'Bloody Eye' from a crime group. Asimov is on the run with his girlfriend and is looking to make a deal to sell off the drug. They find their man, but it looks like the effects of the Bloody Eye will get to him before our bounty hunters do.

Session 1 Eyecatch: 

Notable Music Used in the Episode:

  • Rush (OST 1, Track 2)
  • Spokey Dokey (OST 1, Track 3)
  • Felt Tip Pen (OST 1 Track 14)