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There are a lot of other COOL Cowboy Bebop Goods out there, here's  a list of just a few! I'll include pictures when I can... For even more Merchandise, check out AnimeNation. They are selling all sorts of stuff, including wallscrolls, T-Shirts, Figurines, Posters, etc.   

Ein Plushie

Look, AnimeNation is selling an adorable Ein plushie for only $14.99! I really want one of these, it looks cute ^_^

Pencil Boards:

Pencil Boards, or "Shitajiki" are 5"x7" sheets of laminated plastic. They were originally made to use as a hard surface under a piece of paper so your writing doesn't imprint onto the pages below. But because shitajiki often come in cool anime designs, such as the 2 Cowboy Bebop ones pictured below, they have become hot collectors items. This is not surprising, the sheets are thin, lightweight, inexpensive, and have cool images on them!
 0698 (front)   0698 (back)     0898 


Music Books



There are 2 Cowboy Bebop music books that I am aware of. Both of them are sheet music books for songs from the series: 

  • BAND SCORE "Three, Two, One, Let's Jam !" (ISBN 4-89601-413-8, 2000 yen)
  • Piano Piece: "Tank!/The Real Folk Blues" (ISBN 4-8114-3879-5,  500 yen)

Cowboy Bebop game for the Sony Playstation

Like Most anime series these days, Cowboy Bebop has a game out for the Playstation. Because I don't even have a Playstation (wah!) I haven't been able to see or play this game. However EX, the online anime magazine, gave it a pretty bad review! (eek) However I talked with someone else who has it, and they thought it was pretty cool, so who knows. Apparently you are the pilot of the Swordfish II or something. I still want to play it of course! Must form my own opinion :D
This is apparently just a re-release of the game above, with new packaging and price.

There is a NEW Cowboy Bebop video game coming out in 2005. Hopefully it will be better than the one shown here ^_^


Collector's Card

This is a little card about the size of a telephone or credit card released before the opening of the Bebop movie. It has Spike, Julia, and Vicious on it. It's not laminated or anything, but it looks pretty cool. Vicious looks pretty suave ^_^


Cowboy Bebop novels

I think that there are at least 2 Cowboy Bebop novels. These are in Japanese.

Wild Man Blues
277 pages
Language: JAPANESE
Only $7.95 at AnimeNation

Code Memory
191 pages

Knocking on Heaven's Door
191 pages

I believe this is a novelization of the Cowboy Bebop Movie. However it is only available in Japanese.


Other Cowboy Bebop Books

There are a few books that aren't really novels or art books. These are mainly interviews with all the people involved with the making of the series and the movie. These books are in Japanese.

The Making of Cowboy Bebop - Reckless Players
334 pages

Cowboy Bebop Q&A 101
119 pages
Only $19.95 at AnimeNation

In Japanese. This book covers all sorts of information in response to trivia questions about the series. It also has interviews with the staff and cast of the show and other useful information and illustrations for the die-hard fan.